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You downloaded the pharmacy mobile app for your Apple or Android device now what comes next? Follow the easy steps below to unlock the full potential of the pharmacy mobile app.

Step 1

Download the UVM Health Network App from the appropriate app store on your mobile device (Apple: App Store, Android: Google play).

Step 2

Select and open the UVM Health Network Wholesale App.

Step 3

On your Apple or Android device:

On the UVM Health Network home page, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen to find the Menu icon identified by three dots. Tap on the three dots:

Step 4

On your Apple or Android device:

Once the menu page is displayed, tap on the Pharmacy icon.  This will open the UVM Health Network pharmacy section of the mobile app.

Note: For Android phones, tapping the menu icon on the top left of the screen will take you to the pharmacy section on

Step 5

On the UVM Health Network Pharmacy home page in the upper right corner tap on Sign In, this will take you to the login page. 

Note - you may be prompted by your device to use your fingerprint to sign in to the app.

Step 6

Setting up your account and Sign In

New Users of the App:

  • Scroll down and tap on the Create Account Word Box on the create a new UVM Health Account.
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose a password 
  • Confirm your password 
  • (Optional) Add UVM Health Network Membership Number
  • Select Create Account

Existing Users with UVM Health account:

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password 

Step 7

Once logged in to the pharmacy mobile app, select “myself” to manage your prescriptions. If you need to manage someone else’s prescription, select the option accordingly. Note – We’ll first need you to create your account in this process. 

Step 8

Once logged in to the pharmacy mobile app * Note you will need a current RX to complete the next portion of your account setup. If there are any errors in the information you provided, you may not be able to complete this step. Please contact your local pharmacy in that case.

  •     Add a current Rx Number 
  •     Add First and Last Name as they appear on your prescription bottle label
  •     Add the date of birth of the same person 
  •     Add the mobile number    
  •     Select the location your current prescription was filled at 
  •     Select create account 

Step 9

Explore the endless possibilities of managing your prescription through your mobile device. 

Frequently asked questions


Using the mobile app

Yes, the mobile app is absolutely free to download and use

Prescriptions and reminders

Yes, our mobile app lets you manage prescriptions for your family and loved ones.
To add a family member, simply go to the "Family care" option on the home page or in the dropdown menu.


Yes, you can choose to have prescription names shown in your reminders instead of prescription numbers. To do so:

  1. Sign in to the mobile app or web pharmacy and go to 'Reminders'.
  2. Go to the 'Reminder and Notification Settings' section.
  3. Turn on the 'Show full prescription names in notifications' setting.

Text only customers: You can simply reply with 'P' to any of our text messages from your registered mobile number to receive a link to manage your preferences.

AnchorMobile app features

The pharmacy mobile app goes beyond the text experience and provides you with more functionality and control. With the mobile app, you can order refills from a list, refill by scan, view Rx history, transfer scripts, manage reminders and much more.

Refill from Prescription List

This screen displays all your medications along with the prescription number, pharmacy where it was last filled, fills left and when it was last filled. You can refill a prescription by selecting it from the list. This will display the Drug Details page where you can click the Order Refill button to request a refill.

Refill by Typing Prescription Number

You can refill your prescriptions without signing in to the app by typing in your prescription information.

Transfer Prescriptions from other Pharmacies

You can easily transfer your prescriptions from non-UVM Health Network pharmacies to a UVM Health Network pharmacy.

Find a Pharmacy

This feature allows you to search for your nearest UVM Health Network pharmacy or look for UVM Health Network pharmacies elsewhere. You can also get directions, see the pharmacy hours, and contact the pharmacy (with click-to-call functionality).

Manage Doctor Information

My Doctors allows you to organize your doctor/patient relationship. Now, you can hide and unhide doctors under the ‘Doctors Tab’. You can also see your healthcare provider's contact information and make a call.

Manage Account Information

You can use this feature to manage your notification and prescription display preferences, change your time zone, and more.

Download the mobile app from the Apple store or Google Play.